Personal Peace Procedure Assignment

Begin the Personal Peace Procedure

A wonderful and well-known adage of the healing movement is "Physician Heal Thyself." In EFT, we actually believe that to be not only true, but necessary. As you heal, the people around you heal as well. 

So we are going to start this class with "The Personal Peace  Procedure." This assignment will continue throughout the entire course and is actually very important. 

Over the course of the next week, I want you to begin your list for the personal peace procedure and begin to tap on one or more of them every day until they are gone. The more comprehensive your list is, the more likely you are to see your entire life transformed from this process. 

Because this information is very personal and private, I won't ask you to reveal all of your issues. But I am going to ask you to list at least 10 issues that you need to resolve. 

In the box below, submit a list of at least 10 items. Start with the big stuff like diagnosed (or presumed) illnesses. Move to the smaller stuff like unhealed emotional issues or traumas that rule your life. If you could heal any one part of your life what would it be? 

While completing this exercise, It can be helpful to go through your life and do a full life review. For instance, look at your life from conception to age 1. Do you think you had any significant traumas? Did you have birth trauma? Were you an unwanted or unexpected child? Did your mother have sickness while you were in the womb? These could actually be a causal factor in other unhealed issues in your life. If you have this, write it down on your list. 

Then go to age 1, was there anything notably traumatic? Then age 2... You'll find that the most traumatic stuff tends to happen when you are very young (and don't have the tools to deal with it) and that your later years are usually pretty easy comparatively. You will find that more issues will come to you as you go along, simply add them to the list. You will also find that thanks to the "generalization effect" other issues will begin to drop away. Simply cross them off the list as you go. 

Once you have this list completed, go to the forum tool and report your experiences with tapping on at least one issue. (Worth 10 points)

Creating this list is worth 100 points. 

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