Forum: Tapping for a Fear, Phobia, or Craving (Lesson 3)

This week I would like you to tap on a fear in your life or for a craving. See below for more details.

Fear: This fear can come in the form of a phobia or other fear that in any way blocks you from living you fullest life. Perhaps you are afraid of making a mistake or being judged or you are afraid of being alone or afraid that you are not lovable, etc. Or perhaps it is a phobia like public speaking or spiders or snakes or water or flying. Choose one and tap on it until you get it down to a zero. Can you test it out in real life? 

Craving: Do you have a craving or addiction that rules your life? Are you addicted to cigarettes? Food? Sugar? Alcohol? Drugs? Another person? Or even an idea. Use EFT to identify and eliminate the underlying issue related to this craving. 

Please tell me the results of  your tapping. What worked? What didn't work? What experiences did you have along the way?

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