Lesson 1 Instructions

1. Watch the video for Class 1: 

2. In the midst of the class you will be directed to watch the  following EFT Tutorial: 

3. Go to the Forum & tell us about yourself. Tell us about your experience with EFT and why you are taking this training.  I will be responding to each of your forum posts personally so be sure to go back at a later date and see my responses. I also highly recommend that you interact with each other on the forums. If you have insight or suggestions or ideas, please share.  

4. Begin the Personal Peace Procedure.  This assignment has two parts:

1. You will turn in a list of 10 items into the Personal Peace Procedure Assignment - detailed instructions can be found by clicking on the assignment. 

2. You will share you experiences with tapping on one issue in the Lesson 1 Tapping for Personal Peace Forum.

5.  Facebook.  I highly recommend that everyone join us on the Facebook group at IMU EFT. 

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