Lesson 5 Instructions

Lesson 5 Instructions:

1. Continue tapping on one issue per day for the Personal Peace Procedure.

2. Watch Class 5 on Overcoming Bothersome Memories: 

3. Watch this amazing session with Samantha as she heals from her husband's suicide. Be forewarned that the information becomes a bit graphic and may be uncomfortable for some to view:

4. Enjoy this video on Gary Craig at the Veterans Administration:

5. Tap on eliminating a bothersome memory. Report your experience in the forum.

Bonus Teaching: This is a bonus teaching on death. For most people, death is a huge hurdle to living. In this class, I discuss my own lessons and views on death. Everyone has to make up their own decisions in this regard and so it is not graded nor is it intended as a means of spreading my beliefs to you. It is merely meant as food for thought. If it in any way flies in the face of your own beliefs, simply turn it off and disregard it. My goal here is to get people thinking about death and how you are going to approach it with your clients. It will be a critical aspect of your work as a healer.

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