Lesson 6 Instructions

Lesson 6 Instructions: 

1. Continue tapping on one issue per day for the Personal Peace Procedure.

2.  Watch this video overview of the following techniques: Tap and Breathe, Tell the Story, Tearless Trauma, Movie Technique, and the Choices Method. It is only about 10 minutes long:

3. Watch this week's class to see demonstration of the Choices Technique and more:

4. Enjoy this video with Gary Craig on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs:

5. Tap on eliminating a limiting belief. Report your experience in the forum.

This is the end of Level 1 Certification. 

To complete this section of the course, go to the Tests and Quizzes tool and take the test for Level 1 Certification. 

Note: In this lesson it tells you to go to the "resources link." That information is now integrated directly into the class and you don't have to go looking for it. In other words, forget it. There is no longer a "resources link."

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