Lesson 9 Instructions

Lesson 9 Instructions: 

1. Watch the recording for this week. This week we focus on ways to find core issues:

2. Watch these sessions with others in the course for more experience:

3. Tap with someone in your community focusing on core issues and report it in the forum.

It is time to start getting your business cards done. This is an easy and inexpensive tool that can help you to see that this is real and to help you to get the ball rolling through networking, etc. It should only take a few hours to get this done and you can have them at your home in about a week. 

The easiest way to get business cards that I know of is to go to vistaprint.com. They have a design tool built right in that you can use their templates or design your own. Again, you can go to Fiverr and have someone design the cards as well. I think its particularly good if the cards can match the graphics on your website though that might come further down the road. I do think its valuable to have someone design you a logo (on fiverr?) which you can use. 

Of course you can also design and print your own business cards at home if you have the skill though they don't usually look as professional. The good news is that they can be changed and adapted as you grow. Though I personally still think that professional cards are a better idea by and large. 

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