Lesson 10 Instructions

Lesson 10 Instructions:

1. Listen to the recording for Class 10: 

2. Watch this session with Rick:

3. Watch this session with Rosita:

4. Do a session (or two or three) and record the results on the forum. Only one session required to pass this assignment but more are encouraged, whether or not you choose to post them. 

Have you decided how and where you will be doing your sessions? Do you have an office? Will you be working out of your home? Will you be working online? 

If you are going to be working from your home, start getting the room put together. If you are going to have an office, start looking for a place to work. Maybe you should go around and start talking to other professionals in your area. Would it make sense, for instance, to contact the chiropractors in your area and see if they have an office for use in their facility? Will they refer clients to you in exchange for a cut? Or maybe there is a healthfood store in the area who can refer people to you? Maybe they have an office as well. Or maybe you want to team up with a massage therapist or a spa or someone of that sort. 

If you are going to work online, how is your website coming? Have you signed up yet for PayPal? Or do you have a way of accepting credit cards? Should you open a bank account? This would be a great time to get these things done. 

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