Lesson 11 Instructions

Lesson 11 Instructions: 

1. Watch this week's class: 

2. Watch the session with Asa:

3. OR you can watch this session with Joleen. In this session we do a fair amount of talking (coaching) as well as tapping. It is an add-on and is not required. You can watch it instead of the session with Asa if you'd like. I had the sun in my face so the video quality isn't great but it is watchable. In this we deal with whether or not to tackle healing or just move on, we deal with sibling rivalry and we talk about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and shame over abortion. As with everyone, thanks Joleen, for letting us share:

4. By now you should be tapping on everyone you can get your hands on. Practice, practice, practice. Practice with other students, with clients, with your family and friends. Just tap, tap, tap. And then report your results in the forum. I suggest that you even put out an email to your list and offer sessions for free or for a donation for a week or two. Get your hands on as many people as you can. I would especially target people in your area of specialization. Report your results on the forum. 

It's also time to begin your marketing and promotion. For instance, start getting the word out on Facebook and other social media sites. Send them to your website or invite them to a free demonstration workshop. Contact your local hospital or chiropractic offices or the VA and see if you can do a workshop at their place. See if they will help promote you. See if you can talk at the local organizations and start telling people about EFT. 

Another option is to set up a YouTube channel. You can find videos on YouTube that will show you how. Then begin making videos that establish you as an expert in your chosen area of specialization on YouTube. You might want to use Google or Bing Adwords to promote your video and direct people back to your website where you can then turn them into customers. 

You can also receive exposure to your blog or practice by sharing your content on our new blogs at OnlineEFTCertification.com and IMU.

Content will be accepted from a variety of topics, including EFT, holistic health, metaphysics, or anything related to any of the courses we teach at IMU.

We'd also love to share your story about any experiences you've had with EFT, whether it be something you helped a client with, an issue that EFT helped you overcome, or even a testimonial about your experience taking the online EFT certification course with Deborah.

Both written and video content are accepted!

So, if you think you'd like to have your content on our blog, then we would love to hear from you! Please submit your articles or ideas via e-mail to marketing@onlineeftcertification.com to get started. 

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