Lesson 12 Instructions

Lesson 12 Instructions:

1. Enjoy the teaching for the week:

  • Download the file to go with it. You can download it in Open Office (free for download on the internet) or in Powerpoint

Alternative Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_QosgSgVWoCa0RqY0VQQ05ZQlk/view?usp=sharing

2. Set up a time to do a session with Deborah. Only this time you will be the practitioner! Email her at deborahlindseyEFT@gmail.com to set up your session. Let her know your availability and your time zone. 

3. Record your experience on the forums. You will need to post your experience in the forums in order to be graded. 

4. In the link at the bottom of the section ("Send Your Certificate Information"), send Deborah your current address and your name as you would like it to be printed on your certificates. It will be sent to you shortly. 

Congratulations! You are now a Level 2 Certified EFT Professional! Now go make the world a better place to live! 

Reminder: I wanted to remind everyone that I offer a referral bonus of $50. If you know of anyone who is interested in this class, refer them to me and have them tell me that you referred them. When they sign up for the class, I will send you a check for $50 as a thank you. 

I'm also going to take this opportunity to do a little sales pitch. Many people ask me if I teach Level 3. At this point, you have already received what I used to teach in my level 3 course. So this is a work in progress. 

Instead, I'm going to suggest the idea of taking my other course, "Principles of Metaphysics." I know it doesn't seem like an obvious adjunct to this class, but trust me, it is. 

You see the quality of the practitioner is only as good as the quality of their vibration. And while many people WANT to raise their vibration, they don't really have any idea how to do it other than maybe setting intention or doing some of the exercises from Abraham-Hicks. 

In the class Principles of Metaphysics, you will learn how the world works in ways that you never saw coming and you will be essentially changed. I have had many people take this course and they always say the same thing.... wow. 

Students often say that it is "like taking the blinders off". Once you understand these principles, you can't go about your life in the same way anymore. And as a practitioner it will help you to become the "objective, all-loving observer" that is so very critical to moving from being a  "good" practitioner to being a  "great" practitioner. It is a matter of the underlying spiritual training that I simply couldn't fit into this course.  

Anyway, If you have taken this course and you want to take the Principles course, let me know and I'll gift you with $50 off

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