Video Business Cards & Testimonials

I should note that this is completely voluntary. There is no grade. Or points. And it won't in any way affect whether or not you get certified. In fact, you should already be certified by now. 

So this "assignment" is broken down into two parts. 

1) Create a video about yourself to get listed on my website on a pracitioners listing page! It is your "video business card." 

The video will be your "sales pitch" to a potential client. Let people see you shine! Talk about yourself, your passion, your areas of specialization, whether you work online or in person, why someone should pick you, and how they can reach you. You can post it on your own website and your own youtube channel or on my my youtube channel. (You'll need to contact me to do this.) I'll post it on the webpage, do some pay-per-click advertising on google to draw people to the website and viola, hopefully it will translate into business. 

Once you're finished with the video send it to me with your name, email address, website (if you have one), and a phone number where clients can reach you. I'll then post it on my site for the world to see! 

Here is a example from EFT graduate Beth Tuttle:

2) Create a video as a testimonial for me! 

I only ask you to do this if you sincerely recommend the class to others. If you do this it will help me to draw clients to my class which means we can all come together to make a huge impact on the world. How fun is that?! 

Again, you can create your own youtube account or post it on mine. Either way, I just need a link and I'll post it on my site. Thanks for doing this. It means a lot to me. 


Basically, you go to youtube and set up an account if you don't already have one. You can also set up a channel. It's all laid out for you pretty well in youtube and its easy to follow. A channel is good because you can then upload more videos about EFT onto your channel. These can be used to drive traffic to you and your website to get you clients. You can also embed them on your website. 

Once you are logged on to youtube, you'll see where it says, "Upload" right next to the search bar on the top. Click on that. 

On the right hand side you'll see where it says, "webcam capture." And under it says, "Record." Click on "Record." 

It'll bring up a screen and you'll be able to see yourself. Check it out to make sure that you look fantastic, which I'm sure you do! 

Hit "Start Recording." 

Then you can just start talking. 

On the side you'll see the green bar going up and down to show if your audio is working. If its not, you'll need to figure out what's going on with your audio. You might need a mic of some sort. I use one for my recordings that I pin to my shirt (it's called a lavalier microphone). I bought it at radio shack but you can also get them online.  You can also get a headphone or just get a regular mic and plug it in. 

When you're done, click to "stop recording. You'll want to watch it and see if you like it. If not, do it again. If you do, then click upload and wait for it to get up YouTube. 

Once its up there, you'll want to give it a title and add some "tags" underneath. The tags are words that people will use to find your video. For instance, put EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, Tapping, alternative healthcare, holistic healing, natural healing, etc. 

If its a testimonial for me, you'll want to put my name, my website, and EFT Training, EFT Certification. 

If its for your video business card, you'll want to use your name and your website address along with any words that describe your location or your specialty.

Once you have the video done, click on the button that says, "Share." Here you can send it to facebook or google + for your friends to see it. It will also give you a link that you can email to people. If you email that link to me, I can then go to the video and put it on my website. 

Fun, huh? You're going to be a YouTube star! lol. 

So for anyone who is interested, I think this will be a great tool that will be good for both of us. 

If you would like to see a sample, here is a video from EFT Level 2 certified practitioner Angie Johnsey. This was her idea and so I'm really pleased. As soon as I get it, I'll have my first one to put on the website (unless someone else beats her to it! lol.) 

Anyway, I'm really proud of Angie. She has already landed a job doing EFT at a local chiropractor's office where she has built a successful business in practically no time! Good job Angie! 

So here is her video. 

If there's anything I can do to help you all, let me know. Otherwise, I welcome your feedback and look forward to getting your videos! 

Last modified: Tuesday, July 14, 2015, 6:27 PM