Bonus Teaching: Fibromyalgia

Hey all, 

I've decided to start piecing together my level 3 training. I think it is going to be a combination of training on how to handle major illnesses and perhaps a research project. It will be geared toward creating highly-trained specialists. 

The first illness that I have started with is fibromyalgia. We seem to get people in the class quite frequently who have fibro so I decided to start with it. This doesn't address the tapping but it does give you a start. I'll be adding the information about tapping in the coming days. 

So here's a video I put on YouTube explaining the overall basics of fibro and how to treat it. In my experience it is is a combination of diet and emotional healing and lifestyle/perspective changes. So this is the starting point.  

The basics of tapping for fibro is start by asking, is this person chronically fear-based and/or chronically negative? This is often at the core of their illness. The immune system is in chronic overdrive because of the fear. If this is the case, it takes life coaching skills along with tapping to guide them through making this major perspective shift in their life. 

And while it may sound like a sales pitch, I highly recommend taking my classes Principles of Metaphysics and Ordination (which is a class in spiritual development) to get the spiritual understanding that can be needed to guide these people through this. I know that many of you think that TECHNIQUES  are the solution here but what most people need (not all) is an understanding of how life works. You need to understand death and get over the fear of it. You need to understand the rules by which life works so that you can become a steward of it instead of someone who lives at the mercy of the wind. These two courses, especially the Principles of Metaphysics course, will give you these understandings. Unfortunately, these classes are extensive and intense. It's too much to give you as part of this course or I would. But if you are going to work in the realm  of coaching, not just as an EFT practitioner, these classes are very helpful. But once you have this understanding you can use it as the core of your work. The techniques are added on TOP of it and you'll find that you become both a guide and a healer. It's a very powerful combination. 

Okay, so get to know the person and listen closely to what they tell you. They will probably start telling you the problems that are at the core in the first few minutes, though they are often multi-layered and numerous. These people often have a lot of suffering and very limited skills on how to handle them and so they will lean on you heavily. If you are an empath, make sure that you are shielded or you'll find yourself with pain when you are through. You might also have the added challenge of drug addiction as they have been medicated practically to death. Ultimately though you can't give them any recommendations on the drugs. They must work with a medical professional on this. Many of the drugs are narcotic and will need a detox program. Your job is to get them pain free so that the medications are no longer necessary. 

Start looking for perceptions and beliefs that are keeping them in a constant state of stress. Are they afraid of dying? Are they in physical danger? There are so many directions this can go that I can't even list them here. Again, LISTEN to what they are telling you. You will need to hear their issues, tap them out, and then help them to reframe. But again, you must first have the spiritual knowledge to help them reframe which is where the other courses are so valuable. (I might even need to require one or both of them for the Level 3 certification, that is how important I think they are.) 

Then you need to start looking for the trauma. Find out when this pain started. What was going on in their lives. Did they lose a loved one (a big indicator that you're dealing with fear of death). Did they lose a home from foreclosure or fire? Did they divorce? 

All three of these issues are located in the first chakra, which is the chakra of survival. It is also where the immune system is located. So when one of these things gets traumatized, the immune system kicks in to protect them. This brings us back to the initial issue, which is chronic fear, often a chronic fear of survival. 

So you need to get them cleared of those issues so that they can feel safe. And often you'll find that these people are afraid of religious thing as well, which can get REALLY touchy, because now you are adding in a fear of God, a fear of the devil (huge), a fear of going to hell, a fear of not being lovable, even to God, and a fear of not being good enough (to get into heaven). Different religious systems will handle this differently but the core is similar. Get people over a fear of demons can be tough. This stuff is stored deep in the subconscious and also has a hypnotic quality to it, a sort of brainwash that makes it difficult for them to think rationally. You must tread lightly here. 

Once you get them past the fears and the traumas, which can take MANY sessions as this is an entire way of seeing the world for many of these people, then you have to address the immune system issues. 

"Even though I am unsafe in the world...."

"Even though my immune system is attacking everything to keep me safe, even me..."

"Even though my immune system doesn't realize it's attacking me instead of the outside world...."

"Even though my immune system is attacking me..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking my muscles..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking the fascia around my musles..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking the hyularic acid in my body..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking my joints...."

"Even though my immune system is punishing me..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking the hylarium..."

"Even though my immune system is attacking my organs..." 

You then want to give them positive affirmations to take with them out into the world. Have them say these affirmations constantly, in the range of a thousand times a day in between sessions. 

I live in a safe universe. 

I am loved and protected by a divine source. 

With tolerance, compassion, love, understanding and gratitude, I now forgive, I now forgive, I now forgive and I call my power back into my body. 

I am now surrounded by the white light of truth and nothing but the truth shall approach me, for I am a perfect child of God (or the divine) and I am protected. 

I now raise my vibration to the highest possible level so that I can see the divinity in me and in all that is. 

You can also look up others online, use the ones in Louise Hay's book, "You can Heal Your Life" or "You can Heal Your Body" or you can make up your own if you know how. 

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